40 Secret Santa Wish list for Co-workers

40 Secret Santa Wish list for Co-workers

The holiday season is a time of joy and giving, and one popular tradition in workplaces around the world is the Secret Santa wish list for co-workers. It’s an opportunity to exchange gifts with your co-workers and show appreciation for one another. In this blog post, My Mindful Gifts has curated a list of 40 Secret Santa gift wish lists that are sure to bring smiles to your co-workers’ faces. From clothing gifts to tech gadgets and tasty snacks, there’s something for everyone on your team.

Secret Santa Clothing Gifts Curated by My Mindful Gifts

Here are some Secret Santa wish lists for co-workers about clothing gifts to brighten their day!

  1. Cozy socks or slippers to keep their feet warm during the winter months.
  2. A stylish scarf or hat to accessorize their winter outfits.
  3. A funny graphic t-shirt or sweater that matches their personality.
  4. A pair of festive and festive holiday-themed pajamas for cozy nights at home.
  5. A stylish and cozy beanie or winter hat to keep them warm during the cold season.
  6. A trendy and comfortable hoodie or sweatshirt featuring a fun or meaningful design.
  7. Cozy Fleece Blanket Scarf: A stylish and warm accessory that can be worn as a scarf or used as a cozy blanket during chilly winter days.
  8. Festive Holiday Sweater: Spread holiday cheer with a fun and festive sweater that showcases the spirit of the season.
  9. Knit Beanie with Pom-Pom: Keep your Secret Santa’s head warm and stylish with a cute knit beanie adorned with a playful pom-pom.
  10. Comfy Lounge Pants: Treat your Secret Santa to a pair of soft and comfortable lounge pants, perfect for relaxing at home or during travels.
  11. Touchscreen Gloves: Help your Secret Santa stay connected even in the cold weather with touchscreen-compatible gloves that allow them to use their devices without removing the gloves.
Secret Santa wish list for co-workers with laughter and cheerful

Secret Santa wish list for co-workers with laughter and cheerful

Secret Santa Everyday Items Curated by My Mindful Gifts

  1. A reusable water bottle or coffee mug for eco-conscious co-workers.
  2. A personalized desk organizer to keep their workspace tidy.
  3. A set of high-quality pens or a stylish notebook for those who love stationery.
  4. A personalized desk calendar or planner to help them stay organized and manage their daily tasks.
  5. A stylish and functional desk lamp to brighten up their workspace and enhance productivity.
  6. A set of ergonomic and comfortable desk accessories, such as a wrist rest or an adjustable keyboard tray, to promote good posture and reduce strain during work.
Grateful and blessing secret Santa wish list for co-workers

Grateful and blessing secret Santa wish list for co-workers

Secret Santa Tech Curated by My Mindful Gifts

  1. Bluetooth headphones for music lovers or those who enjoy listening to podcasts.
  2. A portable phone charger for co-workers on the go.
  3. A smart home device, like a voice assistant, to make their lives easier.
  4. A portable phone charger or power bank to ensure their devices stay charged on the go.
  5. Wireless Earbuds: Treat your Secret Santa to the gift of seamless and cord-free music with a pair of high-quality wireless earbuds.
  6. Portable Bluetooth Speaker: A compact and powerful Bluetooth speaker is a perfect tech gift for your Secret Santa to enjoy music on the go.
  7. Smartphone Ring Light: Help your Secret Santa take stunning selfies and videos with a smartphone ring light that provides perfect lighting in any setting.
  8. USB Flash Drive: A practical and versatile tech gift, a USB flash drive allows your Secret Santa to carry important files and data wherever they go.
  9. Phone and Watch Stand: Keep your Secret Santa’s devices organized and easily accessible with a sleek phone and watch stand that complements any workspace.

Secret Santa Decorations Curated by My Mindful Gifts

  1. Festive holiday ornaments to decorate their workspace or Christmas tree.
  2. A mini desk plant or succulent to add some greenery to their office.
  3. A decorative candle or diffuser to create a cozy atmosphere.
  4. A relaxation kit with scented candles, bath bombs, and a soothing face mask.
  5. A mindfulness coloring book or a meditation app subscription for stress relief.
  6. A fitness accessory like a resistance band or a yoga mat for their workout routine.

Secret Santa Travel Accessories Curated by My Mindful Gifts

  1. A travel pillow or blanket for their upcoming adventures.
  2. A compact toiletry bag or travel organizer for convenient packing.
  3. A luggage tag or passport holder with a unique design.
  4. Travel Neck Pillow: A must-have for any traveler, a soft and supportive neck pillow ensures a comfortable rest during long journeys.
  5. Compact Travel Adapter: Keep your Secret Santa connected with a compact and versatile travel adapter that works in multiple countries.
  6. Portable Power Bank: Help your Secret Santa stay charged on the go with a reliable power bank to keep their devices juiced up during travels.
  7. Travel Organizer Set: A set of travel organizers, including packing cubes and toiletry bags, keeps luggage neat and tidy throughout the journey.
  8. RFID-blocking Passport Wallet: Keep your Secret Santa’s personal information safe with an RFID-blocking passport wallet that shields against identity theft.
  9. Collapsible Water Bottle: Stay hydrated while traveling with a collapsible water bottle that saves space when not in use.
  10. Travel-sized Toiletry Kit: Help your Secret Santa stay fresh and organized with a travel-sized toiletry kit filled with essentials.
  11. Compact Travel Umbrella: Ensure your Secret Santa stays dry during unexpected showers with a compact and sturdy travel umbrella.
  12. Travel-sized First Aid Kit: Safety first! A travel-sized first aid kit is a practical and thoughtful gift for any adventurer.
Let's go to travel in this Christmas

Let’s go to travel in this Christmas

Secret Santa Games and Gifts Curated by My Mindful Gifts

  1. A board game or card game for co-workers who enjoy friendly competition.
  2. A puzzle or brain teaser to challenge their minds.
  3. A funny office-themed mug or desk accessory for a good laugh.
  4. A funky desk toy or a stress ball to help them unwind during busy workdays
  5. A bestselling novel or a motivational book to inspire their personal or professional growth.
  6. Trivia Card Game: Bring out the competitive spirit with a trivia card game that offers hours of laughter and entertainment.
  7. DIY Craft Kit: Inspire your Secret Santa’s creativity with a DIY craft kit that allows them to create something unique and special.
  8. Virtual Reality Headset: Surprise your Secret Santa with an immersive virtual reality headset for a mind-blowing experience in the digital world.

Secret Santa Snacks Curated by My Mindful Gifts

Secret Santa wish lists for co-workers about snacks to make their smile filled with cheers!

  1. A gourmet chocolate or candy assortment for those with a sweet tooth.
  2. A selection of tea or coffee for a cozy and comforting break.
  3. A gift basket with a variety of snacks and treats for everyone to enjoy.
  4. Gourmet Popcorn Set: Treat your Secret Santa to a variety of delicious popcorn flavors, from classic butter to unique gourmet combinations.
  5. Assorted Chocolate Truffles: Indulge your Secret Santa’s sweet tooth with a box of decadent assorted chocolate truffles in various flavors.
  6. Healthy Snack Sampler: Keep your Secret Santa energized and satisfied with a selection of nutritious and tasty snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and granola bars.
  7. Festive Holiday Cookies: Spread holiday cheer with a box of festive cookies in different shapes and flavors, perfect for enjoying with a cup of hot cocoa.
  8. Artisanal Cheese and Crackers: Delight your Secret Santa’s taste buds with a gourmet selection of artisanal cheeses and complementing crackers for a delightful snack experience.
Be merry and bright in Christmas

Be merry and bright in Christmas


Finding the perfect Secret Santa wish list for your co-workers doesn’t have to be a challenge. With these 40 ideas from My Mindful Gifts, you’ll be able to surprise and delight your colleagues with thoughtful and creative presents. Remember, the essence of Secret Santa is to spread holiday cheer and show appreciation for one another. Happy gifting and have a wonderful holiday season!

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